Upcoming Committee Meetings

Please note the updates to the events page. There is an Art Committee Meeting on the 21st at 6pm at Susan Chandel’s home, and a Theater Committee Meeting on the 25th at 7pm at Selma Sternlieb’s house. For more information consult the events page.

Also Patsy has set up a Twitter account for us. You can see that here:

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3 Responses to Upcoming Committee Meetings

  1. Hi Nick, am still waiting for the final word about the resolutions group meeting on Friday. No word yet, but will let you know if I hear.

  2. Anonymous says:

    We ANita..(point person), Karen Cathy Phui Selma and who ever else wants to join in) will be working on Paper Mache puppets and banners at my house each monday at 3:30.We figure to wind down the art work by 5-5:30 If the weather is fine you are welcome to stay for a little fire pit and a snack or three …last week we had coconut shrimp and cranberry spinach salad. Bring something to share if you like. We can talk about Occupy and changes we would like to see in a more casual setting.

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