Occupied by Art at Maple Ledge Acres

Occupied by Art at Maple Ledge Acres
331 Middlesex Rd. Topsham

Art has suffered at the hands of “no child left behind” and deserves to be honored. My son Jake was a visual artist. His work was mainly in computer graphics and he had won several scholarships before his death at age 20 in 2010. I believe that my converted warehouse home with its huge garage workshop and potential gallery space would be a great place for this action. It would showcase and reveal a community interest in the property.

Occupied by Art might become a very cool way to Occupy. At our Occupotluck we discussed having an auction in September, but if the house is going to sell, it could be before September and part of the idea is to show case the place. Last week a man named Duane stopped by … (People have stopped by at this time of year several times since 2008). He wanted to rent until he could buy. Duane figures he could buy in November. I lost his number.. I thought I had it ..but I need to borrow a few brains these days, that is why I have asked for help.

As far as this Occupy by Art …I have a stained glass artist, a potter and a flute maker who would like to display their work. I also have a colored pencil drawing by Doug Palmer that needs to be framed. I have of course my people and some drawings of my own and art I have collected over the years that I won’t need if I am occupying the roads (one depicts Obama smoking).

My thought was to have workshops during the month (Like batiked prayer flags), drum circle, poetry reading and/or a flutemaking demonstration).

Having done the poverty line limbo since 2007, Maple Ledge Acres is a little ragged around the edges, I have some good paint and a few tools ( I had to sell a lot of stuff to survive these past few years). It would be good to make the place a bit more appetizing and show that people are not going to let the bank take the place. A new sign for the sign post saying Maple Ledge Studios would be very cool. There are a few other projects that could be done that would have been done if my partner hadn’t died and I hadn’t lost 5 jobs since 2007 after a pretty solid career. My hope is to do what we can to forestall the foreclosure….either sell the place, make it a communal residence/hostel or keep a roof over my head in the event that I can’t get decent enough wheels to live in to occupy the roads.

Susan Chandel

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Rick Cormier is checking his calender, Art Van is checking their, calender Gary Anderson is donating a sculpture, Patrick is donating some proceeds from his anime, Stephanie says that she has some drawings! Thinks are picking up! I have a Occupotluck friday August 10… I realized too late that coincides with the Brunswick art walk but drop in after the art walk for a little fire pit.

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