Brunswick Occupy Fair Tax Policy

This is a statement written by Thomas Cornell and approved by the GA. It will also go up on the resource page.


We who occupy the earth demand a caring, intelligent government.

We the people, the 99%, see alienation and inequality. We perceive
the crisis in education, economics, and the environment. These
problems require funding for government and clear regulation.

Goal: Economic and environmental justice – equal freedom.

Means: Funding to have government provide for the less fortunate

and lead the effort to heal the planet.

To have the means to achieve our goal, there is necessity for a
just progressive tax system. Wealth also must be taxed to achieve
distributive justice to build the common good.


The conversation begins with the concept of taxing wealth as well as
a progressive income tax; specific numbers are a starting point.

Tax all income of the fortunate and wealthy at a
progressive scale, with the top rate at 50%.

Tax wealth over 7 million at 1% – Tax wealth over 20
million at 10%.

Occupy demands fair progressive tax policy to heal culture and
design a nurturing physical and moral environment – equal freedom!


Tax policy for Occupy – proposed in Bath/Brunswick, Maine

September 17, 2012

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