Susan Needs Just A Little More

EIGHT more people have donated to Susan’s foreclosure fund since yesterday and she is now about 74 % of the way to her immediate goal that needs to be reached by TU.

So I know there are more of you out there who can donate a few dollars. It adds up. I know that many are feeling pinched. Me too. But we all have enough to share a little. The more we share the more we receive. That’s the way life works.

What goes around comes around. As we loosen our grip on our money, it begins to flow more–not only out–but in!

I know some of those who gave yesterday were in straightened circumstances themselves. I too gave 40% of all the money I have in the world. I challenge everyone to stretch like we did. IT FEELS GOOD! The political is personal. Susan is one of us–a sister in trouble. Please put your money where your heart is–by helping one of the most creative, positive, resourceful , helpful, community minded and neediest of us of the 99% — Susan Chandel. Help her fight for her home. Please go to this link and be as generous as you can.


– Brenda Nelso

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One Response to Susan Needs Just A Little More

  1. suze says:

    Thanks Brenda we did stay the eviction. I checked the Auction house they had slated an Auction for November 21, based on a hearing I was never informed of that the bank the bank,s lawyer and the judge were informed that I wasn’t informed of the hearing They told me that they knew that hearing was held and I never was informed… nut I hadn’t filled out the proper forms to let them know. I guess that they figured it was a done deal. But they figured wrong.Thank you every body.

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