Now is a Time

We live in a Democracy. A peoples government. But; is it really of the people? November 4th I’m sure you dropped your ballet. But, what did you do with your support. What do you stand for, and how did you represent that? Did you protest? Did you act in a political rally? Did you write to your congress men?

The other day I was talking to a woman. I asked her about where she said the world was going. She said it looked grime. When I asked her what she was going to do about it, she said “Well, we elected Obama, so I’m just going to wait and see how that works.” We can’t do that. We cant stand idly by. Now is a time for action.
We can’t let are leaders do the work for us, and listen to there words blindly as if they where the sole truth. A dictator can move his people just as much as a president. Witch is why we need to make our own choices. And not sit idly by well the men up top choose our life’s. Now is a time for action!
Henry David Thoreau told us: “There is but little virtue in the action of masses of men.” And he has a point. Can we really trust everyone else to do what we want for ourselves, do you let your mother pick out your clothing? If your taxi driver going the wrong way, would you stop him? A democracies choice isn’t your choice. And you can’t just go along with the masses. You need to break the mold. Now is a time for action!
And, the days might look dark ahead. But, today is even more of a time to fight. Now is not a time to lose hope. It’s even more reason to fight. Now is not the time to demand for longer chains and bigger cages. Now is a time not to ask for a better tomorrow. But to demand it. Now is a time for action!

“But, I’m just one man. What can I do?” you might think. We can’t have that attitude. Because, if everyone had that attitude where would we be?
Two hundred years ago, a country united for liberty. And fallowed a general a cross a freezing river, just so they might some day hear freedom ring. Forty years ago, people united under a King with a dream. So they may have there rights. And, thirty years ago, an entire generation came to gather for peace. And today, a nation came to gather for a president that talked about Hope, and Change. And we watched.

I can’t tell you what to believe in. But it is your duty to act. Get people to boycott a company. Share your ideas. Rally, protest. Write a letter. And, if you have the chance, run for office. Do everything you can.

Now is a time for action.

– Jake Chandel

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