No Canadian Tar Sands Oil in New England – Day of Action

350 Maine, in solidarity with our allies across the Northeast, is helping organize a day of action against any plan to bring Canadian tar sands oil — the “dirtiest fuel on the planet” — through New England to Portland Harbor.

Carpooling from the east end of the Hannaford Brunswick Parking lot, leaving at 10:45 !!

The march and demonstration in Portland, Maine


When: January 26th 11:30 AM – 3:00 PM

Where: The march begins in downtown Portland at  Monument Square and will then wind through downtown to the Maine State  Pier for the demonstration.

Tips for the day to make the Portland march and demonstration even more awesome.

Bring flags, banners, signs: when we say we’re building a wall of  opposition, we’re serious. People should come carrying symbolic “bricks” – make signs and banners; bring flags and emblems that carry your  message of solidarity and protest. The bigger, more colorful and more  meaningful the better!

Noisemakers and Instruments: Les casseroles works in Montreal, so for this cross border action let’s honor this tradition and make some noise in Portland. Or bring musical instruments , including drums if you can.

Dress the message: Wear the clothing and the colors of your group,  region, indigenous culture, or the clothing you wear when working or  playing on the land or water we’re defending. Clammers, Fisherman,  Farmers, Sugarers, Skiers, Kayakers — wear and bring all your special  gear to help deliver our message.

Chants and Music: We’re looking for all people to help us deliver a  rich musical message on this day. If you have ideas for tar sands chants or know some moving songs, email us!

Local solidarity events Because this action is aimed at stopping both the Enbridge Line 9 in  Canada and the Exxon pipeline in New England, our goal is to raise  awareness across the border. Dozens of local solidarity actions are  being planned in Ontario, Quebec and New England.

On Saturday, January 26, 2013, activists from across New England will be descending on the Greater Portland area to voice their opposition to Tar Sands oil. The extraction-production, transport and use of Tar  Sands oil is unacceptable. The “game over for the planet” nature of this toxic substance – coupled with the risk of environmental damage to air, water and land – requires that we all speak out to ensure that this  hazardous material is stopped.

Working together – including in a powerful unified protest – we will  insist that all of our neighbors, elected officials and other decision  makers support sustainable energy sources…and block Tar Sands oil.

With the Greater Portland area a critically strategic location (South Portland is the terminal end of the pipeline – and Casco Bay the  location for tanker’s transporting the oil), we look forward to rallying and marching with you to ensure that our voices are heard.

See you there in Solidarity !!!


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