Updates from Steph and Nick 02/12/13

Steph Updates:

02-01-13    Mwen pwal pran yon bato woulib a Jacmel aswe a! N up ale Kanaval! Wheeeeeee!      Translation:  I said ´Im going to take a boat ride to Jacmel tonight! Were going to Carnival! Wheeee!´

02-08-13     Lots of love to folks back home about to get hit by Nemo! Wishing you a safe and magical blizzard!

02-11-13     Sooo, to all my dear Maine friends. As many of you predicted might happen, plans have changed for us (travel will do that to ya), and we´ve decided to go to Alaska! We´ve both been offered jobs at Sheep Mountain Lodge, north of Anchorage, Nick as a baker and me as a gardener and lodgestaff! We ARE however, trying to figure out a cheap way to come visit Maine for a spell before journeying west. And good news for all my westerly kith. If yer out there, I´m likely coming to see ya!

02-12-13 Booked our flight to Maine for March 1st! We get into Portland at 1116pm. Who wants to pick us up and/or let us crash at their place that night?? 🙂

Nick Updates:

02-08/13 It´s been a crazy week, which included getting my cell phone stolen right out of my pocket.

02-12-13 Dear Maine, I will be back inside of you late on the night of March 1st. You have been warned.


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One Response to Updates from Steph and Nick 02/12/13

  1. Anonymous says:

    IF you haven’t had any better offers, you’d be most welcome to crash here on the first And I could pick you up in Portland. I have a sister in Anchorage too who works with the natives. Let me know.

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