2011 – 12/17

Occupy Brunswick notes – December 17th

Approximately 20 people participated in Saturday’s action at BOA.

Decisions made

1.Confirmed that we will continue our actions and post action planning meetings through holidays We cannot meet at Bowdoin due to
holiday. Need a space that has easel or blackboard. Nick will speak to the Curtis Memorial library and see if we can meet there

2. Confirmed that we will continue to park cars in front of BOA that we can put signage on and will be refuge from the cold.

3.Jerry will continue working on putting our email list into “database format”. (There are presently 40-60 names on the list). When completed Jerry will send it to Kevin Twine who has volunteered to administer our list.

4 Susan, Stephanie and Sean did not meet concerning library (Brunswick, Bath and Topsham) discussions due to Susan being away. Committee will meet this coming week and report back next Saturday. Nick will find out about available spaces and costs at the Curtis Memorial Library. Jerry knows about available space at Patten Free Library in Bath and can arrange for use when we’re ready.

5. Confirmed that we are very interested in presenting a “Corporate Personhood” Resolution before Brunswick Town Council. Stephanie handed out copies of the MOVE TO AMEND Model Resolution. All of us will review this Resolution before next meeting if possible. Stephanie will bring more copies. If anyone has another Resolution format, please bring.

6. Confirmed that we would look into having a message board available to everyone on the internet. Nick agreed to try and get this up and running AND HE”S

Decision Deferred

We are still interested in the idea of having a table at BOA with coffee/tea/cocoa but realize that it is quite an expense. Barbara generously provided this
on two occasions out of her own pocket. Thank you, Barbara! We talked about asking Little Dog or other establishment to donate. We did not decide

The idea of having an action in other locations such as Cooks Corner – Walmart/Lowes or Topsham Fair Mail is still on the table but general feeling is we need more
people involved so that we have enough folks to continue our weekly presence on Maine St. and do other actions.


How do we best communicate with each other between meetings, open the discussion to new people, let people know what we’re doing and how they can participate…….. We talked about Facebook, message boards, sharing email lists, getting email lists from other orgs.
Robbie, from Bowdoin, has emailed Occupy Maine to see if we can get a tab on their website? facebook page? (I’m not sure ). He has not heard back.
We are waiting for the e-mail list from the Bowdoin Forum to incorporate with our list.

In connection with the Corporate Personhood Resolution, we discussed how to proceed. We recognized the need for considerable organizing prior
to bringing a resolution before a town council or the state legislature. Organizing entails the education and aware-building of our community members
concerning the “Occupy issues”. Would the Library Discussions be part of this? Could we have a petition for the community to sign about the Resolution, etc….
Many organizing possibilities


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