2012 – 02/12 Open Public Meeting

  • Open Public Meeting

    February 12, 2012

    Morrell Room – Curtis Library


    General goals:

    – outreach to the general public; Occupy – who and why

    – increase support

    – brainstorm future activity

    Attending: approximately 80 people




    Welcoming – information – “Tiny Tents” – food


    What happened?

    Small group breakout for discussion – reported out

    Open comment/ question session

    What we got!!!

    – A substantial list of ideas

    – A general organization of categories – some items would fit in more than one



    Thoughts about Occupy

    Talking Points

    Occupy is about justice and fairness Something is not right

    Occupy is a cross section of society Democracy is incompatible with inequality

    Occupy is special (seeing community together Doing not just being

    Shine a light to see what goes on it the darkness



    Economic inequality People taking back

    Environment and corporate capitalism Need to be tangible

    Weatherization/conservation vs. more oil need immediate answers

    What can individuals do “Tiny Tents”

    Global understanding Resolutions – town councils

    Support business Environmental & Social Responsibility Amendment

    Homelessness Direct actions

    Corporate personhood Americans Elect / Green Party – be the government

    Corporation vs. working class

    Fear – movement being hijacked

    – being alone

    – repercussions




    Lack of open/factual/informative media re gov’t. Need local structures

    Need local media Local gov’t can make a difference

    Public opinion can embarrass the gov’t Influence or replace elected leaders

    Alliances with other groups Need civic understanding

    Make our own anti-commercials

    Campaign for Occupy Question the Defense budget




    “Inside Jobs” Share stories

    Frontier Café

    Banking / Finance

    Get Informed

    Student loans / high interest self educate


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