2012 – 02/25

Occupy Brunswick

GA Notes – 02/25/12  (GA = General Assembly)

About 15 people at BOA (cold, windy day! )      Facilitator- Jerry, Note taker – Patsy

Present at GA – Jerry, Susan, George (who stopped by and sat with us till the end of GA – he knew Jim), Frances, Sean, Patsy, Jim, Christine, and Chris

Old Business –

Database – updates – Public Meeting – Kevin still working on database for updated email list. Bowdoin forum- Jerry has not heard back from students as yet. Not going to worry anymore. Will happen when ready.

Action items:

Media – Jerry – still gathering info on ads – checking Forecaster (free paper), Coastal Journal, Times Record- Jerry just happened to know Ad Person – Ads have to be paid up front, have a contact person with Occupy, phone #. Can local TV media be utilized? Channel 3 & 14 are public channels in Brunswick area. Can always get info on newspapaer calendars at the very least. Which paper has largest circulation? Forecaster (Midcoast) has 13,000 – 15,0000 ? Ad idea – Make a simple statement (e.i. the online petiton that Joel made up) with signatures for  1-time ad. Per Chris – Try to use Thursday as ad day because the more  people will see ad.

Personhood Resolution – Joel – Patsy working on setting up meeting with Joel – Per Jim, concerns about presenting before town council without prior approval from someone on council and also what is his statergy dealing with the town council. Could go nowhere because of prior experience of Occupy members. (Peaceworks and Bring War $$ Home groups.) Council could state that town has no authority to oversee national issues, but this could very easily effect town government  also. Have to show an example to council.

Phone Tree – Susan – She needs list of phone #’s – Barb is helping her.  Jerry to email Kevin to state Susan will contact Kevin.

Art Workshop –  Anita (chairperson) – Anita would like to have a broader focus w/art for Occupy, besides Tiny Tents.  Jerry to email Anita about that issue. Per  Susan- idea to have 99% personal Stories for Art Group (Everyone has a story about corporate greed – what’s yours ?)

Curtis event with Sameena Naxir – per Christina – went very well last Wednesday and Thursday. Very informative. Christina went to Wednesday meeting. About 20 people attended and focus was on biased media.

New Business –

Saturday meeting as GA (General Assembly) modeled after Wall Street Occupy GA’s. Jerry would like to see focus on “Occupy” (national, worldwide movement) instead of “Occupy Brunswick” (local focus).

Need volunteers to sign up for focus groups (Media – Resolution – Phone Tree – Art Workshop) Anyone willing to put time in, not necessary to be part of weekly protest in front of  BOA or at the Saturday GA’s after, just a heartfelt interest in the occupy movement and a focus group, which should meet separately, then chairperson head to report back to GA on progress. Still very much a work in progress.

Per Jim – suggestion of having people with the personhood petition be at tomorrow’s causus locations for people to sign . We agreed it was an excellent idea, but not enough time to get it organized for tomorrow.

Per Christina – Interest in having us join the Heritage Days parade ($25.00 fee) and perhaps having  a table or booth. Per Susan – likes the Clam Festival days.

Per Jerry – Occupy is in transition – Jerry had 3 epiphany events this past week.   1) The tv show, The Good Wife, had an occupy theme this past week. Judge in show got pepper sprayed.    2) C-Span  had a panel made up of 5 totally different focus or interest groups that come under the occupy umbrella. 3) When someone at the paper idenitfied him as being with “occupy” not “occupy brunswick” group.

Tabled the Homeless Shelter issue because Frances had to leave.                        


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