2012 – 03/03

GA Notes 3/3/12

Facilitator: Karen Wainberg

attended Nick Dentic, Jim Friedlander, Karen Wainberg, Chris Winn, Barbara West, Tom Cornell, Sean Donovan, Susan Chandel, Jerry Provencher, Gary Anderson,


New Business:

Saturdays at BoA

Tax Policy


Mansanto case


Old News

Town Council Resolution Subcommittee:

Joel Siano made letter to town council and petition

there should be a meeting with him sometime this week

we need copies of the letter and petition for Saturday

it was suggested that we get 1000 signatures but others suggested 400 to 500 a more

managable number

Target other towns also: Bath, Topsham, Woolwich, Arrowic (Baraba said they could move on this by June)

Have people who sign attend a town meeting to give testimony

Use database (Kevin Twine has this) to get others to act on this in their towns

Pressure the State Legislature as well

Jim talked to Stan Gerzofsky (Maine state Senator district 10 Brunswick) he was negative about this. He stated he wanted examples of towns that supported this.

Maybe we wait till theres a new legislature?

Barbara suggested that we tackle both the state and the town

GA should make final decisions that are informed by the smaller committees

We shouldn’t limit ourselves based on what other groups do

Get a map of the districts so we can organize people by district

Put town names on petitions


Phone Tree:

Susan needs a physical piece of paper with phone numbers on it

We need to solicit phone numbers from the group members


Art Act Committee with Anita

Tiny Tents

99% banners

Anita will be out of town for the next few weeks.

She sent Jerry a email stating the folloing:

“Create signage / art pieces for events that might include, objects and clothing, creating theater and street ‘happenings,’ including video projections, flash mobs and ‘group compositions.’ We also may want to work with the media group to create some of the ads that the media group can distribute”

Set something up at the art walks

Contact Anita to get involved anita@anitaclearfield.com 207-751-4848


Should we put this out through other groups or go through out own database for now?

What activist groups should we get in touch with? And what do we say?

Barbara has volunteered to come up with a wording.

Jim is preparing a list of groups


We need to have a meeting to discuss our focus.


Media Committee

Jerry says to go forward


Movie Night

needs a point person: Stephanie


Bath Heritage days: Venue for activities

get occupy in the parade

get a table with art

forth of July weekend

T-Shirts: use Bob Bitners design


Alternative Spaces for GA meeting:

Seminar room @ Curtis Memorial can we reserve a space indefinitely (Nick)

Make it sound educational

Jim and Chris’ home has space potentially

Bowdoin (except when closed)


Saturdays at BoA

Should we keep doing this. There is a lot pulling people away from this

We need to discuss this next week


99% Tax Policy

Under Eisenhower there was a 90% tax rate

It could be a symbolic gesture

equality v. equity (fairness)

more people support equity than equality

Occupy TV: petition for tax reform

Charles Lotten article: tax rate isn’t as important as changing what is taxed so there aren’t

as many loopholes


Monsanto case

Federal Judge upheld Monsanto against a farmer.

What do we do about this? Legal suits, Political Action

This can fit under our focus

“B” Corporations: social agenda over profit


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