2012 – 03/17

GA Meeting Notes

A mission statement was propsed to the group via email by Stephanie Boucher. After consideration, the group provided feedback:
Some were concerned about the generality of the statement, calling for more specificity
Others liked how general it was, suggesting we add more specific issue-based statements in a second paragraph or as a bulleted list. There was concern expressed about writing a finite list that would be limiting.
Some thought it was wordy and could be made more concise
There was debate over wording that seemed to suggest the earth giving consent – some were in favor of the notion, others opposed
There was critique on how the statement started off with a negative
It was decided that Jerry and Stephanie would step aside and rewrite the statement based on all suggestions given
While thy were working, there was discussion about what sort of specific issues we wanted to focus on, including:
adopting FDR’s goals as expressed in 1944 SOTU address.
Educating the people
diminishing corporate power (including revoking charters) and income inequality
global justice
promoting a clean energy economy
After Jerry and Stephanie presented the revised version, there was much debate on which version was preferred. Although everyone consented that both would be okay, the majority preferred the original version with some slight revision, presented as follows:
“As citizens of midcoast Maine, we stand in opposition to the corporate takeover of our political process and of our wealth, extracted without our consent, and without regard for the earth. We stand in solidarity with Occupy and 99% movements around the country and the globe, affirming the power of the people to create change through direct action. We seek to both join our voices to the larger chorus calling for systemic change, and to work locally to change our own communities to be in congruence with our values of equality, peace, fairness and environmental justice.”
In closing, Susan reiterated her desire to have a larger gathering to allow for fuller discussion, perhaps as a potluck dinner. No decisions were made regarding a gathering.


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