2012 – 04/14

Minutes of Brunswick Occupy General Assembly, April 14, 2012

Chris Winn, Selma Sternlieb, Christine DeTroy, Anita Clearfield, Sean Donovan, Susan Chandel, Barbara West, Phui Yi Kong, Mike White (?), Nick Dentico, Stephanie Boucher, Benb Gallaher, Joseph T. Cericola, Betty King, Joe Ciarrocca, Joe de Rivera, Jerry Provencher, Brenda Nelson

ALEC: Jerry announced that the voter suppression organization ALEC, author of Stand Your Ground legislation, is losing support as many big companies pull out of it.

Takings Bill: Jerry noted that the Takings Bill, LD 1810, allows corporations to waive laws on land use developments.

Handout: Selma mentioned that she would have liked to have a handout when a clerk in a store asked what the 99% button signified.

Old Business:
Movie: Inside Job will be shown on Tuesday, April 17th at 6 p.m. at the Curtis Memorial Library in Brunswick. Anita noted that Move-On is promoting Tuesday as Tax the Rich Day. She has let Move-On know that the movie is our action for the day. Barbara will set up a table with buttons and literature. Jerry will introduce Occupy, reading our mission statement and noting our focus points. He will mention that Occupy will be involved in the Peace Fair and in the Heritage Day parade. He will ask for help. He will invite people to stay after the movie to discuss it. We will ask people to sign in. Bemba will make copies of legislation pending to hand out. Stephanie will get the key to the library. Karen has opened a banking account from which we can draw money to pay the library. Stephanie has notified the calendars of the newspapers of the event.

Bath Heritage Days:
Sean will contact Karen. The application fee for the parade is $20. Barbara will look into the cost of Occupy Brunswick t-shirts. It was noted that Occupy Everywhere t-shirts probably already exist if we want to get those.

Focus Points:
Resolutions to town and city councils: The final wording for the resolutions is needed. Chris tried to contact Joel Siano, but the e-mail was returned. Barbara said she has Joel’s phone number. She plans to use Portland’s wording for the Arrowsic town council. We need to have the resolution at the movie on Tuesday.

Discussion of longer list: Joe de Rivera believes that our focus should be on how to target corporations, since that is what our mission statement is about. Anita wants to know which themes we are going to focus on in order to focus her art projects. Jerry noted that housing, student loans and the military budget, with an umbrella of climate change are what brought us together. Joe Ciarrocca says we need to change how we think in the face of the death of all life forms. He asks: are we supporting that which we are against? Stephanie called it decolonizing our minds. Barbara suggested that we set aside an evening to discuss these issues.

Reaching Out to Larger Group: Jerry will send a questionnaire to everyone on our Occupy list asking people to prioritize what they want to work on. He will assemble the responses.

Minutes Keeper: Joe de Rivera suggested that we need someone who will be in charge of keeping the minutes. That person needn’t be the minutes recorder.

Phone Tree: Anita will formalize a phone tree. Betty suggested a buddy system, meaning that each person is responsible for getting in touch with his/her buddy.

Handouts: Chris will work on one.

Invitation to watch DVD: Selma announced that the play she produced in Florida, They Got Bailed Out, We Got Sold Out, is on a dvd. She invited folks to come to her house, 21 McKeen St., Brunswick, on Friday, April 27th at 7 p.m. to see it with a view to producing our own play based on the Chris Hedges, Cornel West Mock Trial of Goldman Sachs.


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