2012 – 04/28

Minutes of Occupy Brunswick General Assembly, 4/28/12

Tom Cornell, Karen Wainberg, Jerry Provencher, Phui Yi Kong, Regis Tremblay, Anita Clearfield, Debbie Leighton, Joe Ciarrocca, Sean Donovan, Selma Sternlieb, Patsy Messier
Facilitator: Jerry
Recorder: Selma
The Human Rights Campaign will get a percentage when a Bank of America credit card is used.
Americans Elect is now on the ballot in 25 states including Maine.
The Art Action group met on 4/23. The immediate task is making banners for the Connect the Dots event on May 5. The group will meet again on 4/30 at 1 p.m. at Ed McCartan’s studio in Fort Andross for a paint-a-thon.
Phui Yi promised to have some posters for the event enlarged at Bowdoin. She will bring them to Selma’s house on 4/30.
Occupy Maine will join in the May 1 parade in Hallowell on May 1. This is a national no-work event.
Regis told us that Bob Klotz is the statewide coordinator for 350.org. Selma will get in touch with him.
Kevin Twine is the administrator. Mike White will act as backup. Selma suggested we have a list serve with Riseup. Karen will ask Ted Markow how to go about it.

Phone Tree:
Anita passed around a bunch of names of people who want to be contacted by phone. She asked people to choose one to be a buddy.
Augusta Trial:
Patsy reported that there was a mistrial in the case of the Augusta 5. The prosecutor may decide to retry the case.
Bath Heritage Days:
We’ll join other groups in the march. Regis reported that the question of working with other groups is a contentious one in Portland. The statement of autonomy requires “purity.” The general feeling was that there’s strength in numbers. At the next GA we’ll talk about what we want to do for Bath Heritage Days.
Barbara found that the cheapest t-shirts on line are $20. There was a suggestion that we buy inexpensive t-shirts locally and silk screen them ourselves at Bath Heritage Days.
Occupy Wall Street has good stuff we can adopt (and adapt). Phui Yi will print Bank of America stuff as a handout. Chris Winn promised to do a B of A flyer last week, but wasn’t at the meeting this time.
Tax Rate:
Tom promised to write up something on his idea for a 50% tax rate.
Bank account:
We have $153 in the account after repaying Barbara for the library rental. Karen volunteered to be the treasurer. Donations can be sent to her. We’ll formalize this next week.
Resolution for cities and towns:
We don’t have the text. (Selma would like to suggest that the working groups report to the GA so we know what they’re doing). Patsy reported that she asked her Wiscasset selectmen to help her with a resolution, but they were unresponsive. She has decided to do a petition using the wording in Move to Amend. She will talk to Joel Siano to find out where the Brunswick group is on this.
Selma showed the DVD of They Got Bailed Out, We Got Sold Out to 9 women on 4/27. There was a discussion of what kind of play we want to put on. We need to find young people and men to work with us. We will meet at Selma’s on Friday, May 11 at 7 p.m. Rosalie suggested that we have something ready to present on August 3, the night before the Peace Fair.
Report from Regis:
Regis has been involved with Occupy Portland and Augusta. There is no specific focus in Portland. Regis commended our mission statement. Augusta is the seat of power–the group that can influence the government. Coordination of groups is not happening. The effort to get unions involved has been unsuccessful. Legislators are not paying attention. We need numbers, but groups protect their territory.

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