2012 – 05/05

Minutes of Occupy Brunswick GA, May 5, 2012

Facilitator: Jerry
Recorder: Selma

Jerry Provencher, Mike White, Peter Woodruff, John Pelletier, Karen Wainberg, Joe de Rivera, Cathy Lynch, Ed McCartan, Diane Messer, Barbara West, Chris Winn, Phui Yi Kong, Patsy Messier, Charles King, Vicki Kilborn, Selma Sternlieb, Susan Chandel, Eric Chandel, Nick Dentico, Stephanie Boucher
A New England conference of Occupy will be held in Worcester, MA on Saturday, 5/12 all day. Occupy New England is the website.
Dr. Margaret Flowers will speak at the Rines Auditorium of the Portland Public Library at 6 p.m. on May 10. A rally at Monument Square precedes the meeting, at 5 p.m.
ALEC pulled back its support for Stand Your Ground. It is refocusing its efforts on repealing renewable energy mandates in various states. The website for info is ALEC Exposed. org
Connect the Dots event:
About 30 people showed up. We stood on the sidewalk next to the gazebo, where we had good visibility. Thanks go to initiator Selma, and all those who made posters and banners including Dan, Mike, Ed, Cathy, Karen, and Susan. (Hope I didn’t leave anyone out.) Selma asked for a show of hands as to whether people thought that spot was better than the B of A in terms of exposure. We will take that question up at the next meeting.
Climate Change:
Tom reported that he heard David Collings speak at Bowdoin last week and was very impressed with Collings’ take on the matter—it’s worse than the nuclear threat. He’s hoping that the college will be forced to deal with the issue now that the faculty have heard Collings’ report. He plans to write something about tax reform with that in mind..
Mike will be in touch with Kevin about starting a list serve with Riseup.
Nick reported that the Salvation Army has a half off sale of t-shirts every Wednesday for 50 cents. We each gave Nick a dollar so he could buy a bunch.
Resolution on Citizens United:
Barbara reported that the resolution is on the Arrowsic warrant. The town meeting is on June 6. To get it on the warrant 10% of voters had to sign on. She feels that the process of getting signatures, which involves discussion, is a good organizing tool and very worthwhile.
Diane wants the Legislature to pass a resolution calling for a constitutional amendment opposing corporate personhood. That will only happen if a lot of towns pass the resolution.
Patsy will forward the resolution and petition to Selma for inclusion in the minutes. She plans to work on it in Wiscasset.
Barbara is wiling to show people how to petition. A committee is needed to do that.
Each town can have its own wording for the resolution.
Joe talked to Sen. Stan Gerzofsky and Rep. Charlie Priest about the possibility of having the resolution passed in the Legislature. Stan doesn’t think it will go anywhere unless lots of towns pass it. They are getting e-mails from constituents, and Stan might be open to introducing it. Ed suggested that each of us e-mail our legislators and town councilors. Cathy promised to write a letter to the editor about it. Diane will talk to Charlie Priest about getting a resolution in the Legislature.
The statewide coordinator of Move to Amend is Mallory Shaughnessy. There is a need for people to petition in northern Maine.
Joel Siano, who cannot attend Saturday meetings, is frustrated about getting the resolution nailed down because every time it’s brought to the GA the wording is changed. The petition is on-line.
Bank of America:
Joe talked to the Brunswick finance person at the town office about having Brunswick transfer its money to another bank. He was told that it’s hard to switch. Brunswick uses B of A, he said, because it has an anti fraud mechanism. But other banks have incorporated anti-fraud schemes as well.
Movie Night:
Stephanie reported that she needs help with publicity and with dealing with the library for the monthly movies. Ed offered to publicize the movie Priceless about the takeover of politicians by corporations. Karen suggested that it might be better to show short films—10-15 minutes— so as to have time for discussion and maybe even a speaker. Youtube has some good short films. Jerry mentioned a film about the Koch brothers. Karen and Barbara will help Stephanie.
Signs of the Times:
Joe pointed out that the sale of Downeast Energy to an out of state company is another case of local control yielding to big corporations.
Media Committee:
Jerry had hoped to have a newsletter and articles for the local paper about events and actions. Nick has a calendar on the website. Susan suggested that the events on the calendar be kept local.
Take Back the Land:
Jerry told Brenda to organize a group to work on this project. Nick posted links to Take Back the Land on the website. It was suggested that Nick ask various groups—Greens, VFP, PeaceWorks, etc. to send him their calendars.

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