2012 – 05/12

Minutes of Occupy Brunswick GA, May 12, 2012

Matthew Apeseche, Sinead McMurphy, Alex Sutula, Morgana Warner-Evans, Dave Raskin, Patsy Messier, Cathy Lynch, Joe de Rivera, Sean Donovan, Nicholas Dentico, Stephanie Boucher, Susan Chandel, Jerry Provencher, Selma Sternlieb, Phui Yi Kong, Anita Clearfield
Tom’s Proposal on Tax Policy:
Jerry advised people interested in working on it to get in touch with Tom.
Maine All Care:
This is the Maine chapter of Physicians for a National Health Program. Joe reported that the goal of the group is to extend Medicare to the whole population.
Anita suggested that Selma bring the banners to the demo next week.
Letter to Editor:
Cathy wrote a letter about the Bank of America and the fact that Brunswick does its business with the bank. She applauded Topsham and Bath for using local banks.
Bank of America:
The ATM at Bowdoin College is run by B of A.
Saturday demo:
We decided to keep the pressure on the bank, but we will resume the march from the gazebo to the bank, starting at 10:30. We will concentrate on demanding that the bank pay U.S. taxes. Each week there should be a person designated to hand out literature at the bank. Nick volunteered to be that person. Phui Yi offered to have literature printed. Morgana said she would make a shoe bag so that literature can be stuffed in the pockets. It was suggested that we have something free like lollipops, 99% pins, and 99% stickers to give out. Jerry has the latter two items. Another suggestion was having food or plants or paper flowers with positive quotes on them. Selma offered to bring a table and give away plants that she will dig out of her garden. (I will send a note to the newspapers about the march and about the free plants.)
Bowdoin College Food Not Bombs:
Sinead promised to provide food in September.

Phone Tree:
We signed up for phone buddies and we will discuss with our buddies what kind of announcements they want to hear about.
Nick bought about 30 shirts of various light colors for 50 cents a piece. There are shirts that say Maine on them if we want to add something to that. Anita mentioned a cartoon that she would like to see used on the shirts. Perhaps we should have a t-shirt design contest within our group in order to elicit more interest from the 80 people on our e-list. Patsy mentioned transferring designs. The website should be on the t-shirts. We are still calling ourselves Occupy Brunswick.
Bath Heritage Days:
Bruce has applied for a permit for the parade. The Art Committee will meet on Monday, May 21 at Susan’s house, 331 Middlesex Rd. in Topsham to make papier mache heads.
The committee will meet in Bath on May 18. There are on-line petitions to sign. Free Speech for People asks Congress for an amendment. Move to Amend is also on line. Joe talked to the Brunswick Downtown Assn. about supporting our petition to the town council. The health care issue is of more importance to downtown businesses, according to the BDA rep.
Anita will find out from Androscoggin Bank if it has the same techniques for avoiding fraud that B of A has. Susan suggested that we give awards to towns that use local banks. Sinead mentioned that B of A is always at Bowdoin College during the first week of school to capture the freshmen’s accounts. She plans a rally at that time. Dave said he would have an Occupy table at freshman orientation. Alex will see if B of A in Brunswick is the same or different from other B of A’s. Susan says that B of A has been barred from foreclosing on homes because of he fraud they’ve been involved in.
Movie Night:
Stephanie is planning to rent Priceless for $25 for a showing at the Curtis Memorial Library in June. It’s one hour long and talks about money in politics. A license to use the movie for public viewing costs $100. Since the audience will not be charged, Anita thinks that the distributors would waive the licensing fee if asked. It was suggested that a Bath viewing be planned as well.
Maine All Care:
On the second Wednesday of each month there will be a potluck and lecture somewhere on Congress St. in Portland.
Jerry won’t be here for the next two weeks. Jerry will facilitate.
Political theater group:
Selma reported that only two people showed up for the last meeting. Nick asked that the date of the meeting be given to him for listing on the calendar.
Patsy will put Occupy on twitter for quick little messages

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