2012 – 05/19

Minutes for General Assembly meeting of 5/19

Since I have not heard from Cathy Lynch who was recording I am circulating my own notes with apologies for missing people and items—Joe de Rivera

Facilitator was Susan, recorder was Cathy Lynch

Minutes of Occupy Brunswick GA, May 19, 2012



Susan Chandel, Cathy Lynch, Chris Winn, Sean Donovan, Tom Cornell , Selma Sternlieb,  Phui Yi Kong, Karen Weinberg,  Regis Tremblay, Joe de Rivera, Debbie Leighton, Patty Messier, Glenda.

Secretary’s report

Joe, standing in for Jerry, reminded everyone that our secretary keeps minutes and procedures from prior meetings and begins meetings with a proposed agenda and asking for a facilitator and recorder.


Chris announced that Jim Friedlander was still rehabilitating but would welcome meeting  at his place, 20 Catherine St.

Bath Heritage day

Karen will apply for a table at Bath Heritage Day on July Fourth

Resolution Group

Karen reported that she, Barbara West and Patty had met and decided to focus on getting the Brunswick Council to pass a resolution supporting a Constitutional amendment.

Bank America

Selma’s letter should appear this week. Joe reported that Bank America was helping to finance corporations involved in Strip Coal Mining and Cluster munitions.

Movie Night

            Karen reported that the next movie will be Priceless It will be shown at the Brunswick Library at 7pm on Sunday June 24th

Tax reform

           Tom presented the reasons why we should include a more equitable tax policy. It was agreed that the injustice of the tax system should be addressed. It was argued that to get the changes that were needed corporate power had to be addressed. Tom stressed that ultimately we must present the need for love rather than selfishness. Susan suggested the need for a cookout where ideas could be discussed and there was strong support for the idea.

New Business

            Joe remarked on the need for educational materials. He pointed out that Wal-Mart controls much of our food distribution and said he would try and make up a chart showing how specific corporations are influencing what we care about. Regis pointed out that images allow us to see relationships and may communicate better than words. He is willing to do a u-tube video of Tom making an argument for tax reform.                                                                                 

Phui said that when she returns in the fall she would like to help us do some participatory theater


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