2012 – 06/02

GA Meeting – June 2, 2012

Facilitator – Joe De Rivera
Scribe – Karen Wainberg

Present: Nicholas Dentico, Stephanie Boucher, Karen Wainberg, Christine DeTroy, Selma Sternlieb, Tom Cornell, Cathy Lynch, Evan McVeigh, Kara Oster, Susan
Chandel, Anita Clearfield, Chris Winn, Joe de Rivera

1, Announcements:

• Mike White will talk about and facilitate a discussion about Energy Efficient and Zero Energy Homes at the Topsham Library, Wednesday, June 6th at 6pm.
• Jerry Provencher will be back to GA next week.
• Tom Cornell, Chris Winn (725-5048), Jim Friedlander are forming a Tax Reform Committee. Please call Chris for more info.
• Karen suggested that people go to the Story of Stuff Project website and watch their excellent 10 minute movie on Citizens United. Maybe we can
use it in some way?

2. List Serve

• We discussed our three major venues for communication – Website, Email list, List Serve. We agreed to have the Website and the List Serve
and not the email list. People, of course, can email on their own to their committee members, individuals, etc.

• Selma will tell Ted Markow that we authorize him to put everyone from our email list onto our list serve and to send Joe everybody’s name.

• Stephanie is going to communicate with RiseUp and Recycle to find out what the options are for receiving emails on list serve – daily digest? weekly digest? One
Can we have more than one option for people to choose from?

3. Phone Tree

• Anita reviewed purpose of PT – People who do not have regular access to computer or prefer telephone communication can receive calls.
People have volunteered to serve as “Buddies” for folks who want to be reached by phone.

• Anita will email us the list of “Buddies”.

4. Name Change?

• Some people felt that the name Occupy Brunswick does not describe the area we are representing. Various names were suggested
and we came to consensus on Occupy Maine – Bath/Brunswick

5. T-shirts

• Nick has collected a number of recyled T-shirts for our table at Bath Heritage Days. We will offer them to people to create a Occupy
T-shirt with a message of their choice

• Karen asked activist, Steve Burke if he would help us silk screen other shirts to sell at our table and he is considering it. Images have been proposed
by Anita and Patsy Messier. There was a discussion about what language is appropriate and whether to have two different T-shirts. Nothing definite decided.

• Anita will follow-up with Steve Burke.

6. Hand Outs

• Chris Winn created a Hand Out that gives clear and easy to understand information about the Occupy Movement and Occupy Maine – Bath/Brunswick.
People will review the text this week and send Chris any changes they think should be made.

• Suggestion were made to put text in a tri-fold format and to include our Mission Statement. The group agreed.

7. Bath Heritage Days

• Karen reported that we can have a table and – OOPS! – it costs $60.00. Group agreed to spend this.

8. Resolution

• Joe reported that he, Rosalie Paul and Mary Heath had a meeting with councilor Sarah Brayman. Sarah is excited about bringing the resolution
to the council and said she would sound out other councilors. She suggested that we find some people in each district to call their councilors
and encourage them to support the Resolution. Another piece would be to have a person, in each district, meet with her Councilor for discussion
and to provide written material.

9 Movie Night

• Stephanie confirmed that we will show the documentary, Priceless, at Curtis Library, 7:00 pm on Sunday, June 24th.

• Anita showed us the flyer she has created for the event. She also included the info. for the Friday, June 29th event sponsored by WILPF.
author of Corporations aren’t People. Anita will bring flyers to next meeting for people to distribute.

• Ed McCartan will put info. in various newspaper calendars and Karen will do press release

• We cannot charge for the movie but we can pass the basket for donations.

• Evan will send us the address of a website to advertise our event.

10. Other

• Tom handed out words and phrases that he would like us to bring into our written and spoken messages. Stephanie said she liked them and suggested that he
might put these words and phrases on telephone poles around town. Tom also expressed his wish for time to have a more philosophical discussion about
issues, values, etc.

• Selma reminded us that we had talked about having a backyard potluck at her house as a venue for broader discussion The group decided to have the
gathering on Sunday, July 8th. Time not yet determined.

• Evan and Kara from Occupy Maine – Portland attended our meeting. They came to find out what we’re doing and share some of the activities
happening in Portland and beyond. See below:

Think Tank on Congress in Portland meets the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 6:00 o’clock with potluck and a speaker. In June someone will be speaking
about Citizen’s United. For complete info. on event call Occupy Maine office 221-5899

Occupy Maine is hosting SUMMER CAMP in Kennebunkport, June 22-24. People will be camping. There will be workshops, movies, sharing food
stories and songs around the campfire, painting a group mural and more……. Go to http://www.OccupyMaine.org/summercamp for full details. They
would like people to RSVP by June 15th.

Two opportunities out of state – 1) Caravan leaving from Maine for July 4th National GA in Philadelphia. People from all over U.S. participating.
2) Caravan going from Maine on July 14th to the Occupy Northeast Regional Meeting in Connecticut.
Email Kara for more info at karalie.oster@gmail.com


• We decided to have a table at Peace Works annual Peace Fair on August 4th.

• Treasurer’s Report
$30,00 individual donations
135.00 Donations gathered from Loukie Lofchie’s Birthday Party
18.00 Donations from Movie Night- Inside Job

$30.00 Use of library
45.00 Movie Rental – Priceless
60.00 Table for Bath Heritage Days.

Discussed at our GA meeting last Saturday
Attached is Chris Winn’s text that we will use, along with our mission statement, for a tri-fold brochure. Please send him any suggestions/changes.

Frequently asked questions about the Occupy movement and Occupy Brunswick

What is the Occupy Movement?

We are people from many parts of the world who are raising their voices to demand that
power be truly in the hands of all the people, not just the wealthy few or the large global

What does “occupy” stand for?

The first American occupy event was Occupy Wall Street in September, 2011. Large
numbers of New Yorkers literally occupied Wall Street by camping out in nearby parks.
Similar occupations by tent followed in other cities, including Occupy Portland..
Since then the word occupy has come to signify our voices raised to call attention to the
unjust control over our lives by the wealthy few and corporations and our demand that
power be “of the people, by the people, for the people.”

What does “We are the 99%” mean?

In the last three decades wealth and power in this country have flowed more and more to
the top 1%. We are calling for the restoration of control of our country to all of its people.

What does Occupy Brunswick do?

Occupy Brunswick organizes events such as downtown pickets, movie nights, and public
information meetings. We are preparing petitions to local governments to formally
protest the Citizens United decision by the U.S. Supreme Court that granted citizenship
rights to corporations. We advocate for local governments to understand that this decision
and other power grabs by the corporations are urgent local concerns because of how they
negatively impact local affairs.

How is Occupy Brunswick organized?

Like other Occupy groups we have no formal structure or hierarchy. Decisions are
reached by consensus at our weekly general assemblies. These are held Saturdays at
Noon. Anyone concerned to return our society to its people is welcome to come and
meet with us and share your ideas and energy. We encourage equal participation by all
who come.

Is the Occupy Movement a Political Party? Does it represent a Political Party?

The Occupy Movement includes people registered as Democrats, Republicans, Greens
and Independents. It is not a party itself, is not affiliated with any party, and does not
represent the interests of any political party. In fact, we are concerned that our current
politics is much too much under the influence of corporate power.


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