2012 – 06/09

Please note: to those not at the meeting — we’re in need of help to pull off the Bath Heritage Days Parade and we also got a table for the weekend. (July 7/8) See below for sign-up info, or, if you want to make a contribution to offset the costs involved, please send to Karen Wainberg or Anita Clearfield.

Please reply with any additions or corrections. Your name is underlined if you agreed to do a task or for tasks that need someone!

Present: Jerry Provencher, Susan Chandel, Sean Donovan, Nick Dentico, Joe de Rivera, Cathy Lynch, Phui Yi, Anita Clearfield, Joseph T. Cericola, Tom Cornell, Drew Joy, Patricia Morris, Selma Sternlieb, Karen Wainberg, Christine DeTroy, Stephanie Boucher.

Facilitator: Jerry Provencher

Recorder: Anita Clearfield


Wednesday, June 13th Potluck with Occupy Portland at 6.45pm (right after GA) at the Think Tank. 533 Congress Street. Will be discussing upcoming “camp.” If anyone is interested in carpooling, please contact Susan Chandel, 729-1980.

1) List Serve – Selma found out that we could do a daily list serve that people could opt in or out of, but most people felt that would be too often to receive mail. Drew said there is a way to archive correspondence that people could access when they want to. He said he’d look into that.

2) Phone List: At this point, there are 5 people who prefer to be called instead of e-mailed and they have been matched with a phone buddy. If you have a phone buddy, please call them and work out under what circumstances and how often you agree to call, etc. If additional people need a phone buddy, please let Anita know (751-4848).

3) T-shirts – Karen spoke with Steve Burke who has a portable silk-screen. We will get him the designs and work out a place/time to do silk screening (have to be done before July 4th!) More info to follow as we will need a work crew to make t-shirts. Other task will be to put together stencils or stamps for make your own shirts for Bath Heritage Days.

4) Handouts – Chris’s wording was e-mailed to membership last week. Karen will contact Dan Ellis re: help with layout of tri-fold version and she’ll contact Chris re: finalized wording that includes revisions sent to him. We hope that Chris will continue as point person on pulling it together. The handout should contain an edited version of Chris’ text, a drawing/cartoon and photos as well as our mission statement and contact information including our website. Also suggested that the handout have some key graphic phrases that stand out from the general text.

5) Tom shared a new handout as he continues to hone more forceful wording for tax issues that he hopes we’ll share with other Occupy chapters in a “trickle up” movement. He wants us to use short, graphic phrases that can give fresh focus to our issues.

6) Bath Heritage Days: July 4th through 8th . The parade is Wed. July 4th and the table in the park will be Sat. & Sun. July 7th & 8th. It will cost us $60 for the table (again, donations are appreciated – make out to Occupy Brunswick). A signup sheet was passed around and we still need people to be in the parade (some dress as favorite worker (like scrubs, hardhats, farmers, etc. — or unemployed – that will wear 99% signs) to interact with the paper mache “mouth” of corporate greed that will be like an octopus with many hands trying to snatch away the workers’ money. We need people to carry banners as well and then people to sit at the table on the weekend.

So far volunteers:

In Parade or carry banners or pass out handouts

Make Banner




of Ind. on 1 side and mission statement

on other)


signs for workers

to wear

Make Money for 99%’s to have taken from them




Staff Table on July 7th and 8th in park

Phui Yi


Phui Yi

Sean D.

Cathy L.


Phui Yi

Cathy L.

Karen W.

Cathy L.

Cathy L.

Nick D.

Pat M.

Karen W

Sean D.

Sean D.

Jerry (after 6/20)

Susan C.


Jerry P.

Ed McC.

Phui Yi





7) Karen found a web site occupycards.com that offers 100 cards for $9.99 and it seems like they would be very useful to pass out. She’s going to order a set (it’s a cross-section of 6 topics) for people to check out. We could give them away at Bath Heritage Days, etc.

8) Joe talked to a sympathetic Brunswick city councilor who said that we’ll have to get on the agenda for a council meeting and that it will help to have petitions – Joe thinks at least a couple hundred signatures from Brunswick residents. Melinda Gayle is collecting signatures as well. Group figures it’s ok to collect signatures on two petitions as long as it’s presented in unison to council. So we will (a) get signatures at the bank on Sat. morning (b) Selma will be at the polling station on Tuesday 6/12 to get signatures from voters and (c) if you know people in Brunswick who would be willing to sign, have them contact Selma ssternli@gwi.net

9) Joe talked to Brunswick finance manager who agreed to put out a request for proposals to consider a new bank for the town account! Hopefully Androscoggin or another local bank can put in a competitive showing. The manager mentioned that unfortunately, Bank of America feels safer because it’s “too big to fail.”

10) Stephanie brought up that the 8th annual Peace Fair will be on Aug. 4th from 10 AM to 3 PM at the Brunswick Town Mall (by the gazebo). It’s $30 to get a table. We will need contributions to cover that cost, people to work at the table, someone to spearhead our participation, and perhaps people will want to lead a discussion. Contact Stephanie for more info: sierra327@gmail.com

11) Movie Night: will be Sunday, June 24th at 7 PM in the Morrell Room at Curtis Memorial Library in Brunswick. Showing “Pricele$$” about the influence of money on politics. Karen did a press release, Ed put the notice in the papers, Geoff and Anita made flyer that’s attached…Please post flyers wherever possible!

12) Tom will set up a meeting with Chris and Jim to get working on tax reform issues.


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