2012 – 06/16

Occupy Maine-Brunswick/Bath
GA Notes
Present: Ed McCartan, Christine DeTroy, Joe Ciarrocca, Jerry Provencher, Tom Cornell, Barbara West, Selma Sternlieb, Patsy Messier
Facilitator: Jerry
Note Taker: Patsy
Secretary for next GA: Barbara
Selma will be having her Garden Party on the 15th of June instead of the weekend of the 7th and 8th. That’s Heritage Days Weekend. And the Peace Fair is on August 4th.
Old Business:
List Serve – Drew – friendly reminder to try and not use “Reply All”
Tri-Fold- Karen- Chris – still being worked on
Bath Heritage Days – Karen and Sean are the persons taking the lead on this. Karen and Selma are working on Banner, they would appreciate any help offered, getting together next Wednesday with Ed, Julie, & anyone else interested. Please contact Selma for details. For parade, all groups are walking together, can use costumes (being a worker or an unemployed person). We have two more GA’s before Heritage Days, so everyone try their best to be at the next two GA’s, but sometimes life interrupts, so come if you can!!! We have a table for the weekend.
Petitions – Selma did an amazing job of collecting 320 signatures at the Primary day in Brunswick. Many Thanks!! The resolution workgroup met up last Thursday in Brunswick. Met Melinda; very strong motivated person who has collected over 400 signatures for her Move to Amend Petition all by herself. Discussed the very achievable goal of 500 signatures for Brunswick petition; will do petition drives @ movie night, Bath Heritage Days, and maybe Farmers Market in Brunswick. Requesting opinions and offers of help to collect signatures @ other times in Brunswick? GREAT NEWS !!!! Arrowsic has passed a resolution on June 12, 2012. Much thanks to Barb for that happening !!!!! Patsy will make a second attempt with the Wiscasset selectmen on the 19th for a resolution. Will put together a sample packet for Citizens United info to bring to GA next time.
Movie Night – Stephanie in charge. We will do a collection (pass the hat) for donations that night. We have about $30.00 left in the kitty for expenses. Decided to purchase some Occucards to use at Movie night and Bath Heritage Days to give out. Very nice cards…. Check them out at http://www.occucards.com/ There is another event that we are helping to sponsor on 06/29/12. Discussion Jeffrey Clements author of “Corporations are not People” in Morrell Room @ Curtis Library at 7PM.
New Business:
Can we get small labels for Occupy cards stating who we are with a contact phone number. Barb volunteered her number and she will talk to Julie (?). I am so bad with names…sorry.
We passed the hat to do a collection for Occupy Cards and got $11.00 to add to kitty. Ed will give to Karen next Wednesday when they meet to work on banner. We approved 2 more sets for now.
“Secretary” was defined as the person who will print out the bullet points for the next GA. Jerry usually does that function but he will not be able to attend next week. Family commitment. We will hold down the fort !! Enjoy your family !!!!
Per Joe – interesting article in the Times Record about a fair taxation system in Friday’s paper (06/15/12 – page A15).
Tax Policy – Tom – he has a desire to discuss with us our options for the direction and wording and to hopefully educate us. Will hold off until after the 4th of July, too much going on right now. (I say, tax the 1%, as quick as a bunny !!) Per Jerry- Nick, Mike White, and Chris have expressed a desire to be part of the Tax work group.
List of Cities and Towns that have passed Resolutions in Maine so far:
Monroe, Shapleigh, Liberty, Portland, Bangor, Bar Harbor, Arrowsic, Fairfield, Waterville, Mount Desert, Southwest Harbor(pending), Winslow, Freedom!
Barb has two more weeks of Rowing Classes and will try to attend GA’s after her lessons. Go Barb!!!
‘Till next time, Occupy!!!


One Response to 2012 – 06/16

  1. We can add four more towns to our list, Vassleboro, Great Pond, Leeds, and Newcastle.

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