2012 – 06/23

Minutes of General Assembly Meeting of Occupy Brunswick, 6/23/12

Karen Wainberg, Selma Sternlieb, Ed McCartan, Regis Tremblay, Susan Chandel, Cathy Lynch, Christine DeTroy, Tom Cornell, Anita Clearfield, Sean Donovan

Facilitator: Karen
Recorder: Selma

Movie Night:
Ed will bring beverage and cookies. Selma will bring petition. Someone will bring cards. Ed will make copies of the Bank of America flier. Some people will arrive early to put out chairs. Ed will do an intro mentioning a discussion to follow the movie. Karen will do a sign-up sheet with the following headings: 1)Sign petition; 2)Sign up for Occupy info; 3)Join the July 4th parade; 4)Participate in the peace fair.

July 4th Parade:
Karen will send details of where, what, when. We will try to carpool. Some of us will dress as workers wearing scrubs, hard hats, etc. Dan Ellis will make the trifold after Karen sends him the cartoon. Anita will lay out $300 to buy 50 t-shirts from a guy in Lisbon Falls who will print them with the words Occupy Maine Bath Brunswick. We decided to charge $12 for the t-shirts. She will order both men’s and women’s neckline shirts.

Peace Fair:
The shirts that Nick bought will be used for the make your own efforts at the Peace Fair. Maureen Block has come up with the idea of doing a connect the dots project by inviting people to write their ideas on dots which will be attached to a canvas. Mike White will make the frame.

Citizens United Packet:
Karen plans to talk to a Bath councilor and give him a packet.

Tax Policy:
Chris Winn, Jim Friedlander and Tom Cornell met and will meet again after July 4th. Regis promised to introduce Jennifer Hall to Tom. She is interested in tax policy and in doing a video about it.

East West Highway:
Regis reported that this is a corporate land grab, a takeover of resources. Farms will be bisected. Access to camps will be lost. This highway would divide the northern part of the state from the southern part. It will pollute aquifers. Regis says that there’s a chance to stop it. It’s a concrete issue that Occupy should focus on. He plans to devote himself fully to this issue. He is sorry to see that environmental groups are not getting together to work on this. Regis will bring it up at the movie. He mentioned someone named Chris Buchanan who is working with Maine Water for Life.


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