2012 – 06/30

Occupy Brunswick General Assembly Minutes, June 30, 2012

Facilitator: Jerry Provencher
Recorder: Selma Sternlieb

Jerry Provencher, Regis Tremblay, Sean Donovan, Selma Sternlieb, Christine DeTroy, Patsy Messier, Anita Clearfield, Mike White, Julie Pease, Susan Chandel, Karen Wainberg, Barbara West

July 4th Parade:
Anita reported that the art committee is working on completing a huge mouth that represents the 1%.. People are needed to fill the following roles: One person to push the mouth; One person to move the mouth (that person should wear a belt); Four people to manipulate the hands; Four people to interact with the hands. In addition, the following people are needed: Four people to carry banners; Others to pass out cards. Anita is planning to make twenty 99% placards to hang on people. Anita felt that four people should wear black. Volunteers included Anita, Karen, Selma, Jerry. Anita’s husband, Geoff, will also wear black. People were urged to bring their own water, but Sean will bring a bunch of bottles of water.

Parking for Parade:
There was a suggestion that people park at the Addams Melman House, 212 Centre St. in Bath, and get shuttled to where the parade starts.

Mission Statement:
Jerry would like to see the positive statement precede the negative statement. There was no consensus on this, so the statement will remain as is.

Heritage Days:
We will have a table in the park on Saturday and Sunday, July 7 and 8. Karen has ordered cards. She suggested asking for 10 cents for each card. That will pay for them. Barbara and Susan volunteered to call people about staffing the table. Barbara will bring a flag to stand up next to the table. Selma’s Occupy banner will be tacked to the front of the table.

Anita suggested that we ask $14 for a t-shirt, which will allow the artist to get something for his work. The decision was made to ask $12-?

Art Committee:
Will meet again on Monday.

We will ask Dan for a mock-up. Karen and Anita will make the final decision on it.

We will leave the name as is on the website, but call ourselves Occupy Maine on the home page.

Christine will contact Ted about putting everyone on the listserv.

Meeting with David Sinclair:
Jerry and Karen met with Mr. Sinclair, who is the chair of the Bath City Council. He suggested that we be very specific about what we want the Council to do. He suggested gathering 1000 petition signatures and talking to every member of the Council. Bath is a hard sell. The Portland people didn’t gather signatures. They just talked to all the councilors and asked them to push the idea of a resolution opposed to Citizens United. Mike mentioned that Cool Communities got a resolution passed about 350 simply by talking to the councilors. Patsy mentioned that she talked to the councilors in Wiscasset several times, and didn’t get anywhere. Jerry believes that just going to the council won’t accomplish anything.

Movie Night:
The question of whether to hold a movie night at the Bath library came up. Sean mentioned that Patten Free Library holds a movie night every Tuesday. He will let Stephanie know about that.

Jeff Clements’ Talk:
Selma suggested that we provide a mike for the audience during Q & A. She also wants the emcee to manage the discussion so no one person monopolizes it.

Peace Fair:
We tabled discussion.

East-West Highway:
Regis has video’s interviews with three of the organizers. The main point is that the public has been excluded from decision making.

Public Forums:
Jerry would like to see us organize forums on the issues and ask the candidates to address each of the issues.
Matthea Daughtry is replacing Alex Cornell du Houx as the Democrat in the race for the Legislature.

Foreign Policy:
Jerry would like to set up a foreign policy group.

Medea Benjamin Talk:
Jerry will ask Ed McCartan to publicize it. The date is July 12 at the library.


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