2012 – 09/08

Selma Sternlieb, Karen Wainberg, Jerry Provencher, Anita Clearfield, William Hessian, Sinead Lamel, Patsy Messier, Cailey Ochler, Anni Cooper, Tom Cornell, Ricardo Zarate Jr., Cathy Lynch, Susan Chandel

Patsy has campaign stuff to give out for Jill Stein.
William announced that there will be a foreclosure forum in Portland on Tuesday. There will be a discussion of why we protest at the Portland GA at 6 pm on Wednesday at the think tank on Congress St. On 9/17 there will be a speakout in Monument Square at 12 pm and a rally at 4 pm.
Sinead announced that there will be a gathering to support gay marriage at Bowdoin on Monday.
Susan announced that drummer Rick Cormier wants at least 12 people to sign up to be at a drum circle. Susan will get dates from him and then sign people up.

Bowdoinham Eviction:
Jerry voiced concern that Occupy Bath/Brunswick got involved in Tim Cason’s case without information and without an agreement from the GA. Anita noted that there was some discussion of the case at the GA the day of the eviction. William noted that with a 48-hour notice of eviction, there is really no time for GA approval of actions. Jerry: We don’t necessarily support every foreclosure. Ed agreed. If we want to be taken seriously, we have to base our actions on facts. William suggested that if a person wants to take an action that hasn’t been approved by the GA, he/she should say “I’m acting as an individual, and I am a member of Occupy.” Anita suggested we put out the word that we need to check with the GA before doing things in the name of Occupy. Patsy noted that she doesn’t want to be limited as to what she says. She suggested that we ask Brenda to come to the next GA and explain her motives. Annie will talk to Brenda.

First Year Anniversary of Occupy:
Anita has decided that we should join Occupy Portland’s action. There will be a meeting at Anita’s house on Thursday at 4 p.m. to reconfigure the mouth so it can be carried. We will meet at the Brunswick mall to carpool to Portland for the 12 pm speakout.

Taxation policy:
Tom presented his proposal for fair taxation. Susan suggested the silliness be excised from the statement. Anita wanted the numbers taken out, but Patsy and Sinead felt that numbers are useful. Jerry wanted a distinction made between wealth and income. Both should be taxed. We decided to come to next week’s GA with specific proposals for tweaking the proposal. We would like to present the proposal at the speakout on Monday.

Donation to Riseup:
We will send Riseup $25.

Credit Unions:
Anita gave the Bowdoin students some literature on the benefits offered by credit unions to counter Bank of America’s pitch to the students.


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