2012 – 10/13

Minutes of Occupy Maine Bath/Brunswick region General Assembly, October 13, 2012

Joe de Rivera, Stephanie Boucher, Jim Friedlander, Christine DeTroy, Joe Cericola, Patsy Messier, Anita Clearfield, Karen Wainberg, Julie Pease, Chris Winn, Nick Dentico, Susan Chandel, Barbara West, Selma Sternlieb, Tom Cornell

Facilitator: Stephanie
Recorder: Selma
Stack: Susan


Pine Tree Youth Organizers are having a coming out party on Oct. 20 at 4:30 p.m. at Lewiston/Auburn College.

The Maine Friends of the Middle East Children’s Alliance will have an event to raise money for the MAIA Project—bringing clean water to the children of Palestine—on Saturday, November 10 at 6:30 p.m.. at the United Church of Christ in Bath. Anyone who is interested in attending should get in touch with Barbara at 443-2899.

There is a blockade of the tar sands pipeline going on in Texas.

Bill McKibben and 350.org will bring the Do The Math Tour to the State Theater on Nov. 13.

The Move to Amend Resolution will be brought to the Brunswick Town Council in January. Preceding that, we have chosen individuals to make statements at the town council meetings during the commentary period at 7 p.m. The dates for those are Oct. 15, Nov. 5, Nov. 19, Dec. 3 and Dec. 17. We are urged to attend these commentary periods to show support.

Christine announced a documentary called Bottled Life that will be shown in Portland. The number to call for info is 207 357-1443 in Portland.

Susan is hosting an Occupy by Art livestream foreclosure event through 10/23. It consists of an art auction, poetry and interviews. It can be seen on UStream. On Facebook go to Occupy by Art for a schedule.


At the Polls:
Selma announced that she plans to be at the Brunswick poll with the Move to Amend petition. She asked for advice as to what literature to have available. It was suggested that there be two tables—one for the petition and info on Move to Amend; another for info on Occupy and its issues. Jim would like to be at the polls. We need volunteers to staff the tables between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. It should be made clear that we are not targeting Bank of America specifically; it is a symbol of the corrupt banking system. The Bank is selling its branches. It was suggested that some phone numbers be put on the literature so people can get in touch with us.

Bank of America:
Joe de Rivera talked to the Brunswick Finance Office. He was told that the bank hasn’t updated its contract, so Brunswick is getting free services. The town uses the bank for checking. Investments go through a Bangor bank.

Movie Night:
Julie asked for movie suggestions. Chris offered What’s the Matter With Texas? Is there a movie about Move to Amend? Julie will ask Regis Tremblay to put together snippets of his interviews about the East West Highway.

Patsy will maintain it while Nick is away this winter. She will do the Calendar as well. Julie will help. Anyone can add announcements to the calendar.

Susan needs help with the paypal account. It was agreed that she can use the Occupy account for Occupy by Art.

Susan’s Foreclosure:
Susan bases her claim of foreclosure fraud on the fact that she was not notified about the hearing. She doesn’t have the hundreds of dollars necessary to trace the buyer of the note. Letters to the editor about this would be helpful. The issue: foreclosures are an economic disaster. People are living in cars. Houses crumble when there’s no one in them to maintain them. Why the bank wants to devalue the house is not clear. Susan has been advised that in order to forestall foreclosure she should send the right forms and declare bankruptcy. Barbara, Stephanie and Susan will get together to talk about how we can help.

Selma asked for feedback on the idea of joining other peace groups to have a food booth at the Common Ground Fair. There was talk of doing the same at other venues. Anita noted that organizations can make a lot of money doing food booths.

Occupy Birthday:
On Saturday, Nov. 3 at 11 a.m. we will gather at the Bank of America with cupcakes, hot cider, balloons, streamers and party hats to celebrate our one year anniversary. Selma will invite Eric Herter and/or Regis to film and interview. PeaceWorks has a megaphone we can borrow. Patsy, Karen and Christine will make cupcakes. We’ll have one candle in each one. The art working group will be responsible for making a banner. Barbara offered to bring hot chocolate; Nick to bring balloons. Julie—cider and hot drink cups.

Move Your Money Day:
Nov. 5 is Move Your Money Day. Stephanie plans to be at the Bank of America at 5 p.m. that day with literature about that.

Robin Hood Tax:
Patsy puts a mask on Washington’s face on the dollar bill and writes Robin Hood Tax on it.


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