2012 – 12/22

Minutes of General Assembly of Occupy Brunswick, Dec. 22, 2012

Joe de Rivera, Susan Chandel, Julie Pease, Selma Sternlieb
Susan has until Feb. 14 to raise at least $14,000 for Maple Edge Collective or she will be evicted. She hopes to host 2 concerts after the holidays to raise money. She notes that Nick Dentico is touring collectives to see how they’re doing. Her collective is part of the circuit.  The Maine blog page on Face Book has info about Maple Edge.
Martin Luther King Day:
At the demo in front of the bank we talked about doing something for this day. Selma said she would contact Anita about making a large banner mentioning all the issues that MLK addressed.
Citizens United:
Selma mentioned that there will be a meeting at her house on Thursday, Dec. 27 at 10 a.m. to strategize about the petition to the Town Council. Julie said she would attend. Selma will let Benet Pols know about the meeting.
Alliance for the Common Good:
We are now members of the alliance that was created last Saturday in Augusta. Joe suggested that we pledge to support candidates that are endorsed by the alliance.
Other Issues:
Joe is interested in working on primaries to ensure that there are good candidates running for various offices. He is also interested in direct voting—doing away with the electoral college. We talked about the forum on community vs. corporate economy. Examples are the farmers markets and time shares. Susan reported that People Plus charges too much for meeting space. She also said that the Topsham library offers space free of charge.
Next Meeting:
We will not meet next Saturday, Dec. 29. Our next meeting will be on Jan. 5.

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