2013 – 01/05

Brunswick Occupy General Assembly Minutes, Jan. 5, 2013
Joe De Rivera, Julie Pease, Selma Sternlieb, Mike White
Resolution on Move to Amend:
A meeting to strategize about presenting the resolution to the Brunswick Town Council will be held at Selma’s house, 21 McKeen St., Brunswick, on Thursday, Jan. 10 at 10 a.m. Occupiers are invited to attend.
Julie will talk to Karen and Jerry about the progress of the petition in Bath.
Tar Sands:
Selma would like to have a forum on tar sands and invite Emily Figdor, the director of Environment Maine, to lead it.
Bottled Life:
Julie plans to schedule the movie for showing during the first weekend in February. She will be in touch with Chris Buchanan about leading a discussion.
Richard Wolff:
Selma is interested in bringing the economist to Brunswick to speak. Joe said he would contact a colleague at Bates to see about having Wolff speak there as well. Selma has also been in touch with someone at USM about having him speak there. Selma is hoping that if we find enough venues we can pool resources and come up with an honorarium. Wolff is the author of Occupy the Economy: Challenging Capitalism.
Rally of Unity:
We will carpool to Augusta on Tuesday, Jan. 8 leaving Selma’s house, 21 McKeen St., at 11 a.m. Anyone wishing to be part of the carpool should contact Selma at 725-7675.
We are talking about having a potluck on Jan. 15, time and place to be announced (Martin Luther King’s actual birthday). We decided that we will have demonstrations at both the Bank of America and the sidewalk near the gazebo on Jan. 19th. Ed McCartan has a banner with MLK’s words on the violence of our society. He is also making another one, so we will have banners for both sites. Julie plans to make signs.
The theme is Human Need, Not Corporate Greed.
Bank of America:
Joe reported that the bank is offering Brunswick free services.
Mike reported that there is a bill in the legislature opposed to fracking in Maine. Apparently there is a possibility of shale gas in the mountains of Maine.
Feed-in Tariffs:
Next year, Mike plans to introduce for the third time a bill calling for feed-in tariffs that would insure that anyone who purchases equipment that produces electricity from renewable sources would qualify for payments for the electricity produced from the local utility company.
General Assembly:
We talked about meeting less frequently. We will not have a GA next Saturday.


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