2013 – 06/30 Summer Occupy Gathering

Minutes of Summer Occupy Gathering, Sternlieb Backyard, June 30, 2013
Joe Cericola, Joe Whitehill, Joe DeRivera, Debbie DeRivera, Chris Buchanan, Christine DeTroy, Julie Pease, Ed and Marsha Pontius, Anni Cooper, Martha Spiess, Hersch and Selma Sternlieb
We agreed to become members of the Maine Fair Trade Campaign by sending $50 to the organization. We also agreed to contribute $50 to the Artists Rapid Response Team to help them continue to make the beautiful banners they make.
We decided on the following wording for our petition to Senators Collins and King to be circulated at Heritage Days: “We are opposed to giving President Obama fast track authority that would undermine the ability of Congress to have a voice in trade agreements. We urge you to vote against fast track to make the TPP negotiating process transparent and accountable to the people.” The petition will have room for the date, the printed name, the town, and either e-mail or phone. It will be printed front and back.
Martha will put the petition on the Occupy website. We agreed to visit the Senators’ offices after August 15 to present the petition. We agreed to have a press conference a week before Labor Day. We agreed to write op-eds about the TPP tied to Labor Day. We are asking the Senators not to allow themselves to be bypassed. It was suggested that we make appointments early and give the staff a heads up about why we want to meet. We will ask for a half hour conversation with the senator (or the staff person concerned with trade). Martha will call the offices for appointments, and will fax them one week later. Before going to the offices we will meet to decide our strategy. It was suggested that five people make up the delegation including a union person, a Maine Fair Trade rep, an Occupy member, a spokesperson for the environment and someone from 350 Maine. Possible people: Sean Mahoney from the Conservation Law Foundation; Julie will contact a friend in the Natural Resources Council of Maine; Bob Klotz from 350; Emily Figdor from Environment Maine.
Heritage Days:
We will have a tent to educate about the TPP at Heritage Days in Bath, Saturday and Sunday, July 6 and 7. The hours are 10-5 on Sat., and 10-4 on Sun. Selma plans to be there all day both days. Julie will be there with her 10-1 on Sunday; Christine will be there with her 10-1 on Saturday. Anyone who wishes to be there in the afternoons of those days should contact Selma. We will need help setting up the canopy tent. 
Bank of America:
Julie suggested we go back to the bank every Saturday from Heritage Days to the Peace Fair, August 3 with our literature on the TPP. 

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